OXYjet Serum 1

469 kr
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A specialist serum that visibly reduces wrinkles and smooths the skin Actively releases oxygen into the skin Enhances the effectiveness of the OXYjet GO device Packed with active ingredients which reduce signs of ageing Helps to maintain a youthful and fresh appearance Boosts skin hydration and regulates pigmentation Use day and night for best results Designed to be the basis of the home-use OXYjet GO treatment, this serum has been specially formulated with active ingredients that reduce wrinkles, regulate pigmentation and boost hydration in the skin. Suitable for all, it actively releases molecular oxygen into the skin and stimulates the anti-ageing results of the OXYjet GO device. Simply use 4-5 drops of it and wipe over your face, day and night, for best

OXYjet är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Currentbody.

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