KOZHYA Air At-Home Serum Atomizer

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Revolutionise your skincare Delivers active ingredients deep into your skin Distributes serum as microparticles through an atomiser Hands-free & hygienic application Ensures no product waste Increases microcirculation and cell turnover 100% natural ingredients in Active Serum It’s no secret that skincare is just as popular as cosmetics these days. KOZHYA is asking the most important question of all: how good are the active ingredients in your skincare and how deep do they go into your skin? KOZHYA AIR works to deliver micro-particles of an Active Serum deep into your skin with a pressurised skincare atomiser. Aiming to correct existing skin conditions, protect healthy skin and prevent future damage, its natural ingredients work at the deep levels of your skin. Its touch-free application means that the serum isn’t left sitting on your fingers or i

KOZHYA är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Currentbody.

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