ikoo Paddle X Brush - Baby Doll

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Detangling paddle brush with X shaped vent Reduces damage by allowing hot air to flow through vent Large surface area speeds up drying Acrylic bristles for effortless cleaning Suitable for use on wet or dry hair Doubles up as a scalp massage due to bristle formation Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly This ikoo Paddle X - Baby Doll brush has been designed to help dry hair whilst removing knots to give you smooth, silky hair. The 'X' design has been created to allow hot air to escape through the back of the brush, reducing heat damage. Due to the bristles being made from acrylic it makes cleaning effortless and will only need soap and water to clean. This brush can also be used on wet or dry hair and doubles up as a relaxing scalp massager – inspired by traditional Chinese techniques. ikoo Paddle X Bru

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