FOREO Skincare Secrets UFO™ 2 Set (worth 4140 kr)

3 147 kr
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Power mask your winter skin away Four different skin therapy treatments in one Beauty gift set with FOREO UFO™ 2 and 30 masks Face is 126% more hydrated instantly 78% thought skin felt softer Uses heat, cold, light and sound waves to improve skin Enjoy the 2 minute program up to twice a day The FOREO Skincare Secrets UFO™ 2 Set is your winter skin guardian angel. In just two minutes, unlock more from your masks than ever before. The FOREO Skincare Secrets UFO™ 2 Set contains 30 Farm to Face natural face sheet masks plus the FOREO UFO™ 2 device in a bright pink colour. Don't worry if you run out of the purpose-made masks, the FOREO UFO™ 2 can work with normal sheet masks too. This smart little device uses light, heat, cold and sound waves to break up dirt and oils, opening pores so your mask ingredients go deeper. This is the perfect skinc

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