E-One Optic Gel 260ml x3

240 kr
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Needed for effective IRPL hair removal Apply a thick layer to each treatment area One bottle per treatment, every 2 months 6 month supply Colourless, tested in clinical trials Hygienic single-use optical gel For use every 2 months during your E-One treatment The E-One Optic Gel 260ml x3 is a hygienic way to ensure the proper flash strength and achieve the amazing clinical results the E-One Clinic Permanent Hair Removal Device is known for. Each bottle contains plenty of colourless gel for one treatment, so it's not storing germs between sessions. Since you treat with the E-One device only every 2 months, this E-One Optic Gel 260ml x3 pack contains a 6-month supply of gel. Just pop off the cap, apply a thick mask-like layer of gel, flash the E-One on your treatment area to pai

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