Dr. Arrivo

Dr Arrivo Zeus

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Tighten your complexion 5 technologies in one device Helps to tone and tighten the skin Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles Suitable for treating the face, neck and eye area Has a weekly routine and daily routine for maximised lifting results Combining 5 powerful technologies, the Dr Arrivo The Zeus effectively tones and tightens your complexion to reveal a more youthful appearance. With weekly and daily routines to choose from, this hassle-free device is lightweight and carries out treatments efficiently. Expect to see quick and often instant results as the device works to tighten the skin, reduce pores and stop breakouts. 结合5项强大的技术,Dr Arrivo Zeus能有效地调理和紧致您的肌肤,让您的肌肤更显年轻活力。 这款仪器操作简单,有周用和日用两种模式可供选择。仪器自重轻且便携,让您随时随地高效护肤。该设备能够有效帮助收紧皮肤,缩小毛孔以及缓解痤疮等肌肤问题,因此,您在短时间内即可收获肉眼可见的即时效果。 Dr Arrivo Zeus

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