BeautyBio The Plump 50ml

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Volumising Repair Cream Fills and plumps the skin Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles Leaves skin hydrated and supple Restores skin's youthful glow Rich and lightweight formula Best used in conjunction with the GloPRO device Rejuvenate your complexion with BeautyBio The Plump. Packed with cross-linked HA filling spheres, the formula draws from your skin's deepest moisture to plump skin, hydrate your complexion and restore your youthful glow.The addition of evening time-release retinol gently repairs your skin to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Packaged in an airless container to keep active ingredients at peak concentration, the cream has been designed to work both independently or layered over treatment serums. BeautyBio The Plump 50ml

BeautyBio är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Currentbody.

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