Dr. Arrivo

Artistic & Co Miss. Arrivo The Vegas II

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A targeted, skin-tightening treatment Delivers a targeted treatment to smaller areas Treats fine lines and contours the face Use for 10 minutes a day, once a week for best results 3 intensity settings Harnesses 4 skin-lifting technologies Rechargeable device Miss Arrivo Vegas II has a smaller head which is perfect for targeting signs of ageing around the eyes, mouth and sculpting the contours of the face. The device harnesses new powerful HI-MFIP technology to maximise the effectiveness of each lifting treatment. Combined with red LED light, this anti-ageing device stimulates the production of collagen and speeds up skin cell renewal for a firmer, younger-looking complexion. Miss. Arrivo 二代小尖刀美眼仪的作用面积较小,非常适合针对眼周、嘴部的老化迹象,并塑造面部轮廓。该设备利用全新强大的HI-MFIP技术,使每次提升护理的效果最大化。结合红色LED灯,这款抗衰老设备能刺激胶原蛋白的生成,加速皮肤细胞的更新,使皮肤更紧致、更年轻。

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